A second rendering is in the works, a few more revisions to the sculpture....we're getting closer.  Check back soon for the latest updates.

A few emails, a photo or two and we had our first 3-D rendering of The Bayman.

Our own Greenman-Pedersen have agreed to donate their time to design and engineer the project.  Here is their 1st rendering of the site plan.The home of the statue will be located at the Eastside of the Carll's River Basin.

You commented, we listened.  The 'tong handles' on the 1st 10" maquette were too far apart.  

It all started with an idea which had been kicking around LI State Parks Commissioner Wayne Horsley's mind.  One lunch (including chowder) and the idea became a seed.  A meeting or two later, this idea turned into this Kathy Herzy original. 


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